Our pals

An organization founded on the principals of helping people living with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, was the wish of our friend, Jeff Dunlap after he was diagnosed with this fatal neuromuscular disease in August, 2005. After Jeff’s passing in August, 2009 the discussion and planning of how to make Jeff’s wish come true picked up momentum. The initial steps of Jeff’s wish became a reality in November 2010 when friends and patients came together to start an organization directly supporting the PALS. In spring, 2011 application for 501c-3, not for profit status, under the name, Hearts for ALS, NY, Inc. was filed and in May 2012 Hearts for ALS NY, Inc. was born. “Hearts” is an all volunteer organization with donations going directly to the people living with ALS and their families in this area. Jeff was truly an inspiration to all living with this horrible disease!


Jeff Dunlap

06/27 1953 - 08/20 2009